How to Sell on Amazon US

Amazon Selling — The Ultimate Step By Step Guide for International Sellers Who Want to Start Selling in the United States

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How to Sell on Amazon US

It has been almost 4 years since I launched my first Shopify store, wow time sure does fly …

I remember struggling my first year and trying to look for other channels to bring in extra revenue. Luckily I launched on Amazon in parallel. The platform gave me confidence in my products and extra revenue to keep my store alive and buy more products.

I know a lot of you are running Shopify businesses and looking at introducing a new channel of revenue. You’re thinking of how to launch your own business on Amazon US – as a foreigner. You want a clear blueprint and thorough information that’s useful and fresh. Well, you just got it. No other book on Amazon Kindle covers the subject as extensively and clearly as this book does.

Good news is (contrary to what you may have read online) Amazon still allows non-US-based merchants to list and sell their products on Amazon US marketplace – even as we speak. So, this is the best time to start selling on Amazon US.

But there’s a catch.

Selling on Amazon US as a foreigner is super lucrative. But it’s also super risky. And that’s where this book comes in.

This book is the main actionable step-by-step guide you need in order to hack the complexities of selling on Amazon US marketplace as a foreigner. There is practically no better guide to launching and running your own business on Amazon US, profitably – from virtually wherever you may be in the world.

Here’s a little outline of what the book covers:

REGULATION – Discover the four regulatory hurdles you need to cross. And learn how to cross each one of them fast. In fact no other Amazon course or manual will tell you how these four regulatory hurdles apply to foreigners. WARNING: Don’t do anything else until you’ve figured these hurdles out clearly.

DEFINITION – Discover how to define your niche, craft your business model, and sketch out the buyer persona of your ideal Amazon customer. No other Amazon selling book talks about this.

SOURCING – Discover how we identify a winning product, source it from China, import it into the US and get it all done perfectly the first time. This is practically the only way to avoid losing your capital from day one.

LISTING – Discover how to list your product on Amazon like a super brand. Calculate your fixed and variable costs to the last penny. Fix your desired revenue. And activate the power of FBA like 1, 2 , 3.

LAUNCHING: Discover how to launch your product like a big gun. Rock the the Amazon Best Seller Rank easily. And crush the market share in no time flat. All done with a strange Amazon launch tool that no one else is talking about.

Of course there are more shiploads of pure treasures loaded in this massive book. The only question is: Are you ready to take the unfair advantage now?

Check out the book here >> http://ow.ly/MOJB30a0kof

Please share this out to anyone who might find value in the book.