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Creating a Shopify Store just got Easier with Shogun Page Builder

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Have you always wanted to build a Shopify website the way you want? To add features you like? To make it the way you like to function? With the Shogun’s Drag and Drop Page Builder for Shopify, you can easily create and modify your online store with only few clicks. It is an amazing opportunity that helps customers create Shopify stores interactively.


  1. Overview of Shogun

Shogun Drag and Drop Functionality

The creators of Shogun Drag and Drop Page Builder for Shopify stores, state that Shogun gives the users the possibility to create completely custom pages for Shopify, using a powerful page builder and editor with drag and drop functions.  Users can also import and edit existing Shopify pages with just clicking a button. There is a free trial, for those who want to make sure if that is the right tool for them, the pages are mobile responsive, any theme can be added and the platform will still work. The creators have also helped to make the page building, the development process, page editing, the design and styling and the customizations, easy to manage by the users. Also they have added some interesting features that can be used, like: tabs, accordions, carousels, images, change the layout and lot more.

  1. Advanced features

Users can write their own CSS, JavaScript, HTML or Liquid and give features as they want, for example: they can change the appearance of the existing template, to change a different color that is not available in the other templates, to add some sections and bars, change the menu of the template, build their own drag and drop elements, etc.


Shopify Shogun Mobile

  1. Responsive pages

The pages you build can work on tablet, phone and desktop: It is the most powerful builder for Shopify stores.


  1. User friendly

The building of the Shopify stores now is easy, with just a few clicks and a few drag and drops and you are done. You will be able to manage the site with the Shopify application that works any time with any theme. No coding is required; you just need to know how you want your online store to look like.

Even if you uninstall Shogun, you will be able to keep all your pages and work you have done. It is easy to use, just import and edit options with a click of a simple button, it is easy to install and use.

Shogun has incredible reviews. At present it has 113 user reviews with a 5 star rating. Many of the reviews reference the attention to customer service that is very important to a powerful app like this one.


  1. Plans

There are different versions of the application and with different prices. The starter version costs 9 dollars per month and has: drag and drop editor, live preview of the website, email support part and responsive design. It offers pretty much for the price.

The basic version costs 29 dollars per month and consists of: drag and drop editor, responsive design, live preview, Shopify Blog editing, code custom elements, add to cart buttons and email support. It is suitable for creating online stores.

Then there is the Pro version with a price of 49 dollars per month – this is the latest application and consists of: drag and drop editor, responsive design, code custom elements, Shopify Blog elements, live preview, add to cart buttons, collections for custom data, email support and highest resolution for images. It is definitely the best until now.


Examples of Shopify applications that helped to sell more:

  • Wanelo
  • Spring
  • It
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Retarget App
  • Notify
  • Boost Sales
  • Privy
  • Product Discount
  • Shogun
  • Aftership
  • Quick Facebook Live Chat
  • Printout Designer



  1. Integrations


The application has integrations with: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, CrazyEgg, picreel, Optimizely, Olark, Heap, supportkit, adobe typekit, Segment.


  1. Does the platform affect your work?

Maybe you have asked yourself how Shogun integrate with Shopify? It works with the deployment of libraries for the framework you are installing, and you just need to run the app. Shogun works in a way that generates a catch to check if a static file exists on Shogun, if true, the server pulls down on the HTML and serves it.

Shogun allows you only to modify already existing pages and templates in the platform; it doesn’t allow you to import new ones. The platform doesn’t affect anything you have done, it is completely independent from what you have done, and nothing ever will be overridden.

Shogun Styling

  1. How Shogun is different?

Shogun is different from the website builders that integrate with the existing stack. It captures the existing style of the site, makes a new page layout and the page can be created.

Shogun has a robust page editor and has a content management system; the only features are the creation and the design. It can often be connected with eCommerce or CMS or some other companies in order to replace some existing solution.

Depending on what type of a website you want to build, the platform has a different size based screens that help you build whether it is desktop or mobile responsive page. You can also create your own templates, written in Liquid language for templates.

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