How To Get More Traffic For Your Blog posts Using Content Syndication

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ecommerce content syndication

In regards to generating traffic for your blog posts, content syndication is an essential factor in your content strategy. It aims at revealing the best of what your blog post can give to the extended audience plus it attracts high numbers of visitors that are visiting the site. This begs the question what exactly is content syndication? This process entails posting your blog post or a video content in the sites of a third party. You can do that with link or thumbnail, snippet or a full article. The idea is to enhance more engagement with your blog posts through wiring them into digital contexts that are related with the aim of boosting traffic. Having your blog posts spread via diverse online channels improves the reputation of your company considerably.

Understanding how content syndication works

Upon publishing as well as delivering your content to third-party sites and various social media network at the appropriate time expect a significant rise in quality traffic for your blog posts. Not to mention that will give you a clue on the best content work for certain communities. As a matter of fact, posting a substantial amount of quality content on third party sites will increase your organic traffic considerably.

Learn how to use content syndication to boost your blog traffic

Social networks are known to connect both people and business via content sharing. Prominent sites, for instance, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as Google, provide opportunities to increase your blog traffic. Simply build the social media of your company to make it easy for people to reach you for updates. For every piece of content, always include the buttons for social sharing to enhance easy sharing.

Bookmarking sites

These sites have high numbers of active participants that share categorical content for various community members with shared interests. You are allowed to share content via a blog aggregator using bookmarking sites for instance forums, community boards, Q&A sites among others.

Paid content Syndication

Paid content syndication allows you to provide the third party with your content who then will share the content at a fee. They have a social media following where you can introduce your content to despite the fact that they are not categorized as social media sites. Paid content syndication is quite expensive. However, it has been identified as an excellent method of reaching out to new customers.

Why content syndication is considered worthwhile

If you wish to see significant outcomes, just pick the most outstanding syndication site and channels in order to attract your target audience. To maximize your results, make a partnership with high credibility rate industry leaders. You can otherwise customize your content to rhyme with the voice of the community in the social media. Plus you are liable of engaging the members through the sharing of content that is important to their interest. The act of providing high-quality articles does not have everything to do with developing high-performing content. Absolutely no! There is something more. The success of any content piece heavily depends on its magic to effectively attract the right audience.

Pros of using content syndication to get more traffic for your blog posts

Unmistakably speaking, not every website uses to syndicate content will enhance immediate fame as well as outstanding web analytics. Behold the pros and minuses of syndicating content.

  • Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO); the appropriate syndication opportunities offer author bylines plus a website link.
  • Implicit promotion; Most websites are known to prohibit strictly promotional blog articles. However, syndication content sites allow you to include links in your social media profile, author bio or even a call to action buttons which give the link to your website`s landing pages.
  • Increase the number of the audience; big syndication websites increase social media followings considerably.


Not every website is reputable; it is quite essential to explore syndication terms and condition before you start especially when you are looking at a minor website that does not have a well-established syndication program.

There are chances of lead quality to drop; in cases where your lead generation goes via the roof, chances are that your new lead may be after the free eBook, not the services or the products. If you happen to realize that your sale team is straining with unqualified leads it recommendable to establish a lead scoring program or increase the length of your landing page forms.


Despite the few limitations, using content syndication remains the most effective method for increasing traffic on your blog posts. It has stood out the test of time in comparison to other methods of promoting traffic.  This method is reliable and worth every effort. It has the magic of attracting as many visitors as possible to your blog.

Here is a list of places you can syndicate your content

Stumbleupon – http://www.stumbleupon.com

Medium – www.medium.com

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com

Instagram – www.instagram.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/page

Blogger – www.blogger.com

Google + – plus.google.com

Twitter – www.twitter.com

Tubblr – www.tumblr.com

Flickr – www.flickr.com

Youtube – www.youtube.com

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