Shopify And Amazon – The Perfect E-commerce Marriage

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Shopify And Amazon
After launching your first Shopify store,  you finally did it!  Time to check out all your traffic… you go to Google analytics to review all your traffic and notice a big fat zero real time customers.  You refresh the page and still a big goose egg.  There has to be something wrong, an urge of panic floats through your body,  did you setup Google analytics correctly? So you rush over to verify your Shopify settings … the settings look to be ok, you triple check. What could it be?  Well, this is a common scenario, the media portrays a store launch, a person clicks the launch button, and boom sales start flowing in, and next thing you’re on Shark Tank and driving a Bentley.
The reality is the hard work begins after the launch.  The launch of our first store traffic was next to nil.  During the launch day,  traffic was slim, 25 unique visitors and 1 sale.  The only reason for these numbers was because I shared my store out to all my friends and family and I think people felt bad and decided to check out the website.
The 2nd-day traffic went down to about 10 unique views … this was depressing.  Things didn’t get much better either.
To be honest I really had the idea people would just show up with no work.  C’mon our products are awesome! 🙂  Unfortunately, it is hard for customers to find awesome products without your products being ranked by google.
After a few days, I was google searching ‘How to drive traffic to your e-commerce website?’.  This topic became my study.  Testing and experimenting with ways to get traffic to my website.
After a few months of hard work the sales started to trickle in but this was only from a lot of hard work and dedication to the subject.
My analogy of launching a Shopify store is like launching a store down a rural dirt road in some farmers field and expecting customers to show up.  It is slim to none chance customers will show up to your store without the proper marketing.
The one thing we did do right was launch on another channel in parallel with the Shopify launch. This channel happened to be Amazon, sales started steadily coming in from the start with this channel.  The stream of income from Amazon helped our team stay positive while working to grow our Shopify store.
You may be thinking well I am already launched on Shopify and I think this is enough,  I encourage you to also launch your products on Amazon.  Amazon is a wonderful marketplace where lots of customers.  Shopify is great as well but when you first launch it can take time to build traction. Amazon is an established marketplace where millions of customers have their credit card on file.  Customers trust and love shopping with Amazon.  The process is similar to launching your store in a busy mall in a city.  The traffic is there and customers see your products.  This builds brand awareness and gets your products in the hands of your customers for valuable feedback which is critical when first launching.
Customer’s love Amazon Prime,  Amazon’s ‘FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 30 million items’ which drives a lot of business over the holidays to Amazon.  The holiday season blew our sales out of the water through Amazon and this helped fund the next year and grow the business further.
Negative Things About Amazon:
  • Fees – Amazon charges a 10-20% fee depending on the product
  • Control – Amazon controls the platform if you don’t abide by Amazon policy’s your account can be suspended with no notice. This is why it is ideal to have multiple channels of revenue should anything ever happen.
  • Email – Amazon does not let you capture your customer’s email.  There are methods to drive your customer back to your website but there is no way to capture the customer’s email directly through Amazon
Positive Things About Amazon:
  • The Amazon Marketplace is large and has a lot of customers
  • Amazon fulfillment – cheaper shipping
  • Easy to scale to international
The conclusion to this article, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Shopify is a wonderful platform but it can take time to build a consistent flow of traffic and sales. Experiment with other channels while building your Shopify business.  This is key for your mental and business well-being as another channel will help keep your business floating when times are tough at first.
Shopidd has helped our clients out with growing their business on Amazon
  • Setup Amazon Seller Central Canada
  • Setup Amazon Seller Central United States
  • Product Listing on Amazon
  • Amazon Pay Per Click
  • Writing sales copy
  • Amazon fulfillment Orders
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