8 Tips How To Build A Massive Following On Instagram

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Instagram Cash Growing Your Business
Instagram is hot these days,  specifically, if you are a business who is selling physical products.  Instagram recently implemented Instagram stories aimed to capture the Snapchat market.  Users no longer have to jump onto another platform to create their video stories.  What does this mean?  Instagram will see more users staying on their platform, this will build more eyes on your products and more engagement.
 Some Cool Instagram Stats
  • Instagram Monthly Users:  500 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Number of Instagram Daily: 300 Million Active Users Daily
  • Percentage of Internet Users that use Instagram:  20%
  • Projected number of monthly active users in the US in 2016: 89.4 Million Users


Tip#1 – Setup Your Account Properly
When creating  your account select a username which you can spread throughout your whole social network,  this allows your customer to find your brand on the platform of their choice.
Setup your Instagram account properly, create a visually stimulating profile with your logo of your company.  In the description, tell the story about your business, what is your business about, what makes your business different. Lastly, do not forget to add a link back to your website. Create a link using goo.gl or bit.ly to track how many customers are being driven to your store.
Lululemon’s profile is perfect,  simple logo, a description of their brand, link to their to the Snapchat with is kind of cool … it made me go check out their Snapchat and follow them so there you go it works.  Lululemon links back to their website which goes to a web page which talks about ‘What is Baptiste Yoga?’ .
What is Baptise Yoga

This is interesting, instead of going to a sales page, Lululemon provides value by educating Instagram customers on ‘What is Baptiste Yoga?’.  This type of technique warms up the customer to the brand.  The customer will then be more at ease to go and browse through their products which can then lead to sales.  The practice of not selling at the beginning is a great practice for brands to implement,  as Gary V puts it Jab,Jab,Jab, Right Hook …Give,Give,Give then Sell.

If you don’t have a logo go to fiverr.com or 99designs

Tip#2 – Build Your Avatar
If you could build your ideal customer, who would it be?  What is their age?  Gender?  What Clothing do they wear?  Where do they hang out?  Where do they live? What do they read? Where do they shop?  Spend some time on building your ideal customer,  and write down every little detail possible about your customer. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire encourages business owners to write at least a 500 words describing every little detail about their avatar.  This is a mandatory exercise before you start any business.
There is no point in marketing to customers who doesn’t fit your demographic.
This avatar information can be  used to target your customer on Instagram.
Tip#3 – Know Your Hashtags  – The Cashtag
Now you’ve  avatar is built, it is time to build your hashtags list.  Once you know the hashtags which are meaningful to your brand, you can use these hashtags in your posts which will produce much more engagement in your posts.
Time is precious,  a meaningful post can take 10-30 minutes to create, marketing to an audience who doesn’t resonate with your product  is a complete waste of your time.
Hashtag tool to grow your business
If you sell men’s clothing use hashtag like menstyle, mensfashion, fashion, dapper, streetstyle …. etc.
What I recommend is creating an Evernote or a Google doc and write out your top 20 hashtags around your product and avatar. Start using these researched hashtags in your Instagram posts and evaluate the engagement.  Hashtag selection is a continual experiment,  continually try new hashtags and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.
Here three great recommended hashtags to add into your document.
Tools to check out for research:
  • https://www.hashtags.org/
  • http://hashtagify.me/
  • https://top-hashtags.com/instagram/
Tip#4 – Know Your Competitor
Know your competitor, this is especially important for businesses just getting started.  Stand on the shoulders of giants, if your competitor is ahead of you then they must be doing something right!  Take the fast route, analyze what your competitor is doing and do that.   If your competitor has 20,000 engaged followers,  monitor their profile and do what they do, create the type engaging post they create, create similar giveaways which they are using to building their engagement.   I don’t mean word for word either,  create your own content with a similar fashion to what your competitor is doing.   This strategy will help fuse your profile to the size of your competitor with consistency.  Eventually maybe even surpass your competitor and become leading edge.
 Tip#5 – Don’t Always Be Selling
Don’t always be selling!  I mentioned this before and I will drive it home again.  Provide your customer with valuable content,  don’t leave your customer feeling ill when they see your brand because you are always pushing sale content down their throats.
What is valuable content?
These are things like, ‘how to’, tips and advices, trending news about your niche. Create fun, engaging content, show your face, post pictures of the backend of your business, perhaps your team,  a hike your team went on, a presentation, a flight, etc.
I recommend reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, don’t always be selling, give lots of engaging valuable content.
Tip#6 – Engage with people interacting with your profile
If someone leaves a comment, write back and say ‘thank you’ and be creative. Nurture your followers.  It is not about numbers but about engagement.  Your goal should be to create an engaged community.
The more people you talk to the more people will engage with your future posts.
I often see Instagram profiles with 100k followers with posts post with 2-3 comments per post, this is a red flag.  A good sign the account probably purchased fake followers and has no real engagement.  Their 100k following is equivalent to about  2-3 engaged users.
 Tip#7 – Follow Accounts in Your Niche
Follow People in your niche and leave a comment.  There is a technique called follow, like , like, like which has been tried and tested. The technique will get you more followers, and more focused followers should lead to more eyes on your products eventually leading to more sales.
The process involved  following an account and liking three of their account photos.  This process will usually get you get a follow back.  There is an article about Austen (who sold $4,000 in neckties on Instagram in two weeks)  by implementing this process.  I read this article a while back and it looks like the Reddit link has been deleted https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/comments/2r4pd6/how_i_helped_a_friend_sell_4000_of_neckties_in/ with the link to the chapter in the book.  This strategy will help build your network of followers.
There are tools out there like Instagress (http:\\instagress.com) which can help you apply a similar technique to grow your followers.
 Tip#8 – Geotag Your Posts
 Geotagging your post is a great strategy to drive business to your location.  Simply create a post, tag your business location,  next people see the location tag, and go to your business location.
If you have multiple store locations, you can have different deals ‘50% off over the next hour on cupcakes‘  at specific locations
That wraps it up for today, I hope you try these tips out and let us know what you are doing to grow your Instagram following and  driving new business to your e-Commerce website.
If you are looking for help to grow your business through Instagram or other social platforms then reach out to our team at info@shopidd.com 
References & Tools
Websta – https://websta.me/
Holr – https://holr.co/
Instagress -https://instagress.com/account
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